Nadia & Ali | نادیا و علی


به افتخار رومیو

خوب بخوابی پسر ما

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Floating on a beam of light, Ali swooped down from the heavens to rescue Nadia…

Okay, okay, that’s not quite how it happened – although Ali is no doubt an angel (betty joon hamishe mige).

Here’s the real story: Ali and his dad were sitting in their living room one day, chatting about life, when his dad first mentioned her name: “Baba, there is a girl named Nadia who I think you’ll want to meet.”

“Really? Sounds great!” Ali said, smiling ear to ear.

Soon after, Ali received a yellow sticky with Nadia’s phone number written on it. He fired off a text to set up a time to chat. During the call, Ali noticed something peculiar about their conversation: Nadia enjoyed his stupid jokes and was laughing the entire time. He thought to himself, “This is strange…I didn’t realize I was so funny.”

After the fateful call, they decided to meet on October 27, 2015, at a cafe in Walnut Creek, California. Ali, ever the aspiring poet, wrote a special poem just for her. Nadia told some classic Persian jokes, which Ali didn’t understand at all, since his Farsi blows. They talked, they laughed and they shared memories of their lives. Little did Nadia know, but over the course of their glorious conversation, Ali came to see a hidden gem in her heart that was ready to come out and shine.

The rest is a gracious voyage in an ocean of joy.



عآلیترین دوستان




دو قو


A Story of Two Swans

As a kid, it was such a joy to open gifts. The sight of colorful wrapping, the sound of paper tearing – like a curious miner digging for a precious treasure, I couldn’t wait to see what new toy life had bestowed upon me. Over time, I’ve come to realize that there are only two kinds of people in this world: those who see life as a gift, and those who don’t. Somehow, I got lucky.

There is one gift in my life that will forever remain a marvelous phenomenon, like looking up at the clear night sky and seeing a vast blanket of twinkling lights. I can see the beauty contained in that sparkling void, but my mind cannot quite comprehend such an immense astonishment.

In the same way, I see the infinite wonder of benevolence that radiates from Nadia. I can see that she is so caring, so affectionate, so funny – but never will I understand how such a beautiful collection of atoms came together to create the miracle of her existence.

Yet, what I do know is this: when I am in the gift of her presence, Nadia’s heart, like an instrument crafted from pure goodness, begins to play a sweet song in my mind, and then we start to dance like two swans in an ocean of joy.

Mr. Dadkhah and Betty Joon, I would be eternally honored to be part of your family. With your permission and your blessing, I’d love to spend the rest of my life walking, hand-in-hand, through this pathless voyage of wonder with Nadia.

دو قو

در دوران کودکیم, برایم بازکردن کادوها بسیار لِذت بَخش بود. دیدن کاغذهای رنگارنگ و صدای پا ره کردنه آنها هَمچون یک مَعدَنچیِ پْرتَلاش که به دنبالِ گنجینه ای مْمتاز زمین را می شِکافَد بودم و بی صَبرآنه می خواستم بدانم که زندگی چه هِدیه ای برایم به اَرمَغآن دارد. بعد از گذشتِ زمان فهمیدم اِنسانها دو دسته هستند: گْروهی زندگی را یک هِدیه می دانند و گْروهی دیگر غیر از انها هستند. خوشبختانه من پیروز شدم

در زندگیِ من یک هِدیه هست که مانَندِ پَدیده ای حیرَت آوَر تا پایانِ عمر برایم خواهد بود. مثل آنست که در یک شب آرام شِگِفتزَده به آسمان که پوشیده شده از یک فرش بزرگ پر از چراغها ی رنگی نگاه کنم, ولی افکارِمن نمی تواند عَظِمَت اِعجاز آمیزِ ان را درک کند

در این راه, بی نِهایت مْتِعَجِب ازاَشَعهِ خیر خواهی که از نادیا تابیده می شود هستم. می دانم که نادیا یک فَردِ مهربان, انساندوست و شیرین بیان هست. ولی هرگز نخواهم فهمید چِگونه وجود نازَنینِ او می تواند هَمزَمان مَجموعِه ای از ذَراتِ مْعجِزه آسایِ این زیبایها باشد

آنچه می دانم این هست که زَمانی که در هدیهِ حْضورَش هستم اِحساس می کنم قلب او مانَندِ یک سازِ ساخته شده از خوبیهای خالِص شْروع به نَواختَنِ آهَنگی موزون در اَفکارَم می کند و ما هر دو هَمچون دو قوی سفید بر روی اقیانوسی از شادی رقص کنان هستیم

آقای دادخواه وخانم بتول خانم, برایم یک افتخار اَبَدی هست که اجازه فَرمایید عْضوی از خانواده مْحتَرَمِ شما باشم و با دعای خیر شما بقیه عْمرَم را در کنارِ نادیای عزیز سِپَری کنم